Bernay cannery begins production

The leaves are canned.
Split and canned peas. ©Coralie Maux-Renard

The offices and vegetable factory in Bernay (Eure) are still under construction, but this has not stopped the little house of l’Ouche from starting its work. As of September 4, 2022, fruits and vegetables provided by local producers have become canned. “We started with tomato sauce, ratatouille, natural tomatoes, cooked dishes, such as natural peas or split peas, carrots, onions, the list of Delphine Vandermeersch, director of Les Petites l’ Ouches. We can do anything, so we have to see how. Today, we use less milk or no more meat and meat, but we can if needed. »

I wanted to establish a clear work in the community.

Delphine Vandermeersch

The recipe for ready-made dishes for Petites l’Ouches has been confirmed by hearing tests. “For ratatouille, we made four types of recipes, we tested them with twenty consumers before we made four lists, tested again, he says. So we chose the Bible well. »

70 to 100 kilos of vegetables can be placed in various cooking and restricting equipment. This can be approximate. 400 jars of spread, between 85 and 110 jars of medium or between 150 and 210 of tomato sauce.

These reserves will be sold, either “Les petits l’Ouches”, in organic stores or delicatessens, or by manufacturers. “They ask us to make jars under their brand,” he explains. Meanwhile, the new company makes the middle 150 and 200 barrels per day. Finally, the organization wants to create 100,000 jars per year, within three years. “We made 8,000 in two months, so we’re happy,” smiles Delphine Vandermeersch.

Delphine Vandermeersch in front of her canned vegetables.
Delphine Vandermeersch in front of her canned vegetables. ©Coralie Maux-Renard

Often organic products

“Our groups, the little l’Ouches, have a natural and imported look”, he highlights. So the jars can be returned to the store where they bought them, at a cost of 50 cents. Therefore, the ingredients used by the organization come from “market” farmers, “like École des Semeurs, Grohan farm or Alliance farm,” says Delphine Vandermeersch.

People are very happy with our products, it proves that the hearing tests we did worked well.

Delphine Vandermeersch

However, designer brands are not organic.

The cook prepares the following preserves.
Cooks prepare the resulting preserves, based on carrots. ©Coralie Maux-Renard

Soon the grocery store too

“The idea is that, over time, giving food along with vegetables so they can buy more locally. Today, they get most of their products from wholesalers from faraway places, but there is little or no contact with the producers. Our goal is to develop it”, explains Delphine Vandermeersch. Chopped carrots, chopped onions or vacuum-packed vegetable hair are connected to local schools, for example.

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Currently, this one has not started. “It should happen at the end of November 2022 or at the beginning of December”, says the girl.

Employees of the joint venture

A large part of the staff of the new center comes from the meeting of the integrated center, the culture of the people who employ people with temporary problems. “Today, we have hired eleven,” he says. They have contracts for 24 hours a week, for two years. At first, he had no cooking skills, “it’s not a recruitment process, for us it’s the motivation that’s most important”, says Delphine Vandermeersch. The Petites l’Ouches team accompanies them until they become independent.

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