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Until November 14, Magimix spoils all those who want to equip themselves with the best cooking robot on the market. Thanks to the MARMITON code used on the manufacturer’s website, you will benefit from a 10% discount on the entire Cook Expert range and many gifts including an aluminum casserole dish.

An article created in collaboration with Magimix

Founded in 2015, Quick Cook Expert has made a name for itself in the kitchen, thanks to its versatility. With its wide range of tools and functions, it is the most gifted food program on the market. Its efficiency, durability and simplicity appeal equally to the avid cook who sees it as a valuable assistant, and to the student who wants to eat well, but not spend too much time in the kitchen. Not forgetting where all those who like to concoct good, warm and energetic dishes for large tables. For example, chicken tagine with prunes; beef bourguignon; or Indian curry.

The first coconut to be converted to a food processor

Let’s face it, trading robots are not very comfortable with this task, especially in the first part of the recipe. Indeed, preparing seasonal dishes such as osso buco or veal blanquette often requires roasting the meat at a high temperature, to activate the Maillard reaction and to obtain the best flavors and aromas. For this reason, nothing replaces the old metal plate. On the other hand, when the meat is caught and the decorations well caramelized, the cooking should continue for a long time, but a little simmer and above all without hot.

Here, the Professional Chef cannot be defeated, since its induction cooking method allows you to adjust the temperature to a very low temperature, from 30 ° to 160 °! Now, you can do all this, without changing the container. Magimix actually created the first cocotte that can be turned into a food processor. And what a casserole! Made of cast aluminum, a very durable material, it is also light, only 3.3 kg for a 7 liter capacity.

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A gift of 350 €

By comparison, an enameled steel casserole weighs about 6 kilograms. The interior is coated with a layer of ceramic fusion, a coating free of PFOA and PTFE. Large enough to cook dishes for 10 people, the Expert Casserole is compatible with all heat sources, including induction, and can be cooked in the oven up to 260 °. A roast chicken in a casserole or a juicy prime rib is yours!

On the other hand, to make a 7-hour lamb, keep the meat and brown onions and shallots at room temperature or infused, then put the casserole on Cook Expert and set the temperature to 120 ° to continue cooking sweets. Are you in a hurry to try it? Well done! You will love the following: until November 14, Magimix will give you the Expert cocotte. A great gift, worth 350 euros!

Ah… You already have a casserole dish and, even though you can’t put it on the Professional Chef, you don’t want to buy another one? Good news, as part of the promotion, you can enjoy two accessories for 350 euros. First the Professional Spiral, a set of three stainless steel presses for spaghetti, tagliatelle and fruit and vegetable fusilli, and the Extra Press XL, the ideal tool for making fresh juices, milk and smoothies.

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All Magimix know-how is made in France

We have talked about the cocotte at length, because this addition shows that even though Cook Expert is the best food processor on the market, its manufacturers are still working to improve it. Apparently without changing anything in his DNA. The Cook Expert and its accessories, like all Magimix multifunction robots launched since 1971, are completely designed and manufactured in France. As a powerful and efficient motor, guaranteed for 30 years; such as knives and iron discs, by the cutter Sabatier de Thiers.

The same base, but two models, which differ in the size of the double-walled stainless steel bowl, 3.5 liters for the Cook Expert, and 4.8 liters for the Cook Expert XL. Both are available in the Connect model. Advanced controls that allow you to control the robot from your smartphone, opening the doors to countless cooking possibilities.

A connected model that weighs food to the nearest gram

Regularly updated by Magimix and the user community, the recipes are divided into groups (meat, fish, spices, etc.), by region and country, and by topic (detox, slimming, vegetarian, etc.). Choose, and just follow the instructions. The Cook Expert automatically sets the temperature and length of each cycle and notifies you when you need to take action. By the way, the Connect version comes with a robot-mounted scale, accurate to the nearest gram up to 10 kilos! And this, regardless of the add-on you add, including Professional cooking, yes.

As you can hear, Chef Expert puts in one tool everything you need to make a simple or very sophisticated recipe, from cutting ingredients to preparing sauces, and cooking in all ways. You will not find a better culinary assistant to accompany you every day, and for many years.

10% discount up to € 650 offered on Cook Expert Connect

And it’s not often you’ll have the chance to find a Professional Chef under such favorable conditions! Until December 31, 2022, Magimix and Marmiton are teaming up to offer you a special offer on the purchase of a Cook Expert. First, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on any food processor purchase, with the code MARMITON. Then, if you order before November 14, you will also benefit from a gift of 350 euros (your choice, Cocotte Expert, or Spiral Expert and Extra Press XL) and another discount of up to 300 euros on The Cook Expert Connect at Magimix (red end), Boulanger and Darty (black color for the last two sellers). Start making room on your countertop for your new cooking assistant!

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