From head to tail, everything is cooked in leek!

Proud and bold, the leek is back! Seasonal vegetables that are often used are watered down or not very beneficial… But be aware, the boy can send rich, tasty and colorful pictures that will make you reconsider your decision on these amazing vegetables! As spices, fried, in all sauces, from head to tail, everything can be eaten, demonstrating with this recipe by chef Bruno Verjus at the microphone of “Bientôt à Table!”

A nest of leeks and their vinaigrette

Buy a nice bunch of seasonal leeks with beautiful roots! Go to your local gardener’s market!

For one person, count one branch.

Cut your branch into three parts: green, white and rootlets.

So what do we do?


Cut the rootlets, wash well, wipe with a paper towel!

Fry in a pan with a little oil.

When it is well heated and heated, put it on paper. Book.

Leek greens

Put it on a baking sheet in the oven at 200 degrees. Leave it to dry. Once dry, you’ll use a final, hand-squeezed coat!

White leek

Clean the stick.

Cut with a knife, and cut. The idea is to find a good leek thread. The trick: don’t cut the base that can be used to keep the crumble in one piece, easy.

Turn on your hob, heat the salt water. 35 g of salt per liter of water.

After cooking, add scrambled eggs and egg to cook for 5’30”. The egg will be soft and your whites will be well cooked.

Once cooked, put them in a bowl of ice water.

Then rub your beaten egg white (pushing it lightly), then put it on a plate to make a small nest, put the soft-boiled egg on top.

And what kind of clothes?

A little olive oil, and rice vinegar. Mix well with a little salt and pepper.

Wearing clothes

Toss your nest of leeks with a soft-boiled egg and vinaigrette

Place the fried rootlets on it.

Throw the green leek in the oven by hand!

A seasonal, affordable recipe this fall!

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