Here are the worst types of mayonnaise on the market

There are those who like ketchup or mustard, and those who swear by mayonnaise. This sauce, which has changed a lot since it was created in the 18th century, is very popular all over the world, but especially in France. It should be said that the famous “mayo” goes with many foods, so it is easy to eat, whether it is mayonnaise or industrial mayonnaise, which is bought in the market.

What are the ingredients in real mayonnaise?

People who swear Homemade mayonnaise sometimes they like to put mustard in their secret. Big mistake! This mixer turns the mayonnaise into Remoulade, a French sauce that is often accompanied by celery. Basically, mayo is made from three simple ingredients:

  • emulsified oil
  • egg yolk
  • vinegar

That’s it! To whip the sauce, first you need to mix the egg yolk and vinegar, then emulsify everything and add oil little by little, until you get a shiny, thick and uniform sauce, which you can adjust as you wish.

Commercial mayonnaise is not all good!

Making homemade mayonnaise, however, requires a lot of effort and energy, since the sauce has to be whipped for a long time to reach the perfect consistency, even with an electric mixer. The answer? Choose ready-made mayonnaise, which is easily available in the market, and can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. But not all commercial sauces are good for your health.

Recently, the magazine surveyed 60 million people on 15 mayonnaises available in supermarkets. And unfortunately, most of them are high in fat, salt, sugar and added flavorings, not to mention preservatives. These ingredients unfortunately promote heart disease and obesity. Also included in the light version! “Manufacturers remove the fat, but prolong the mayonnaise and water. And since the result is useless, they add salt and sugar”, explains Camille Dorioz, campaign manager of the Foodwatch organization.

And according to the published classification, the three mayonnaises you should avoid are:

  • Cora whipped mayonnaise
  • organic Carrefour Dijon mustard mayonnaise
  • Hellmann real mayonnaise

Avoid sauces to protect your health, especially if you like fries and mayonnaise!

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