Here is the best ketchup (and the one with less sugar and salt), according to a new French test.

A new test carried out in France confirms what we already knew: ketchup often contains a lot of sugar and salt and is a sauce that can be abused (especially by children). We’re finding out which ones are the best, according to this survey.

Magazine 60 million consumers compared to 15 ketchups sold mainly in the French market (but some are also available in Italy), especially by checking their ingredients and their food table.

Ketchup is one of the best cold sauces that is made from tomatoes (in the form of puree, concentrate or double concentrate) where vinegar, sugar, salt, onions, spices and possibly additives are sweet.

As some tests have already shown, the problem with this popular soup, loved by adults and children alike, is that it often contains a lot of sugar and salt. And this new study confirms this, although, in the end, all products have some “promotion” (Nutri-Score does not exceed C, however).

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Ketchup, in particular, compared to other sauces that were analyzed in the same test (mayonnaise and soy sauce, which we will talk about in other articles) gets good marks and therefore seems to be “worse” than other popular flavors.

The problem is that, although this sauce should be used in small amounts (about 20 grams), in the end:

The amount often exceeds the appropriate limit, especially on children’s plates,” he writes. 60 million consumers.

All products, whether branded or private label, were evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • style (order of ingredients, percentages, etc., emphasis on additions)
  • food (abundance of sugar, salt, fat).

The results, as mentioned earlier, often show a Too much sugar and salt.

20 grams of ketchup can contain about 5 grams of sugar (the truth is, we usually eat too much).

In addition, there is also the problem of salt, which can reach 5 grams per serving. As we read in a French magazine:

These sauces have a lot of salt: one portion is enough to cover 5 to 10% of the recommended daily intake (ie 5 grams), or more with Auchan and U.

However, ketchups have an advantage over other sauces few extras (that’s why they can all be upgraded with a valid grade). This is the sweetest available in low fat sauces.

The best ketchup recipes

Some of the best ketchupsin the second place, we findHeinz 50% reduced sugar and salt. In the sixth place, Heinz is the highest and the eighth brand of the same brand.

This is followed by other French (and non-French) varieties which, as you can see, are all “green”.

If you like this soup and want to be sure about the ingredients in it, the best advice is to leave the products on the shelves and prepare it yourself at home. You can follow our recipe which you will find HERE.

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Source: 60 million consumers

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