How to grow soup?

How to grow soup? Getty Images

Yes, it is possible to make a very liquid sauce. Here are a few tips for flavoring soup in seconds.

Do you thicken the sauce with flour?

Here is the easiest and fastest way to flavor the soup. In a bowl, just put two spoons of flour and a few milliliters of cold water. After mixing everything well, the preparations can be poured into the sauce that is heating on low heat. All you have to do is stir it until it thickens. This trick can also be used with corn. It is possible to choose this method for different types of sauces such as bechamel sauce, shrimp sauce or porcini mushroom sauce.

How do you thicken a sauce with a roux?

The second method requires flour and oil. Both butter and oil are suitable for this trick. In a saucepan, just put the chosen oil and add the flour. The same quantities should be used. Everyone’s spoon is good. The mixture should be cooked on low heat for two minutes. It all depends on the size you want. Before adding the roux to the liquid sauce, it must be allowed to cool. All that’s left is to mix everything together to get the most spicy and delicious sauce. This method can be used for sauces such as tomato sauce, onion sauce or dill and lemon cream.

Pour the sauce using mashed potatoes

Here is a little known trick, but one that is very useful for making a lot of soup. It is easy to find hot paste, except that it will be used as a very liquid sauce. The taste of the sauce changes a little, which has the advantage of being useful and quick. The process is simple. It is necessary to add a spoonful of potato flakes to the sauce placed on low heat. Then just stir until it thickens. This method makes Roquefort sauces, pepper sauces and herb sauces very tasty.

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Make extra sauce with breadcrumbs

Often forgotten in the back of the cupboard, breadcrumbs can be useful not only for making crumbs, but also for thickening the sauce. Also, this method is fast to do. Just sprinkle the broth with the breadcrumbs and stir until the mixture thickens. It’s worth adding crumbs little by little until you get the shape you want. The sauce retains its flavor, but it becomes lighter. It is possible to try this trick for cumin sauce, peanut sauce or cheese sauce.

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