In cake or sauces, pink sweets of quality – Released


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As in fashion, pink waves also have aficionados in the kitchen. From TikTok’s “pink juice” trend to Pierre Hermé’s baked goods, the bright colors to eat.

The bright pink rush is hitting the kitchen as well, starting with the amazing “pink sauce” from Miami chef, Chef Pii. Since June, almost a million Internet users have rushed to watch on TikTok this 29-year-old woman enjoys fried chicken covered in fluorescent pink sauce, the result of a mysterious method that only she may have a secret. . What Chef Pii has done so well is that the taste of his sauce was misunderstood for a long time, until he decided to sell his famous “pink sauce” in a Ketchup bottle. Compelled to comply with American regulations, the label lists the ingredients of sunflower oil, dragon fruit, garlic, honey, chilli, water, vinegar, pink salt, lemon juice, citric acid and milk. The problem: many people claim to have gotten sick (or been hospitalized) after ingesting a mixture that could have gone a long time without refrigeration. To the extent that Chef Pii is now facing a lot of trouble on social media where he is being accused “killed the poisonous species”.

“Color should be one of the reasons for success”

Far from being a typical Floridian preparation, the color pink, in cooking, is widely used in cooking. Think marzipan (in the form of a little pig) or even cakes, donuts and éclairs covered with firecracker pink icing … At Pierre Hermé, Ispahan, the best seller of the house (cake made from macaroon biscuit

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