KFC releases chocolate sauce to accompany its fried chicken!

Dipping his fried chicken in blue chocolate sauce? Yes, it’s possible: KFC has done it. The basics are endless…

KFC is releasing a chocolate sauce! Credit: KFC

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Do you like sauce too? From the classic group (ketchup, mayo, barbecue…) to the spicy group through the original group, everyone loves a sauce! It’s true, let’s be honest, maybe even our favorite when we eat fried chicken. The (guilty-free) pleasure of dipping our chicken in a sweet and generous sauce, we’re licking our fingers just thinking about it…

In any case, the original team has reason to be excited about this novelty. Famous for their fried chicken, KFC restaurants have come up with a new recipe that is unique but seems to be popular. In his little blue jar, find the sauce… chocolate mint! And yes, it’s good for your fried chicken and not just salty. We’ve seen it all…

KFC unveils a jar of blue chocolate mint sauce for… fried chicken

And according to the first review, it’s great! “Rich and sweet” chocolate flavored with “mint” and fried chicken to explode in your mouth. If we didn’t doubt the combination of chocolate for a minute (we love it though), it is mixed with fried chicken that leaves us in awe… But the KFC restaurant established in South Korea really introduced this new sauce. , in limited edition until August 8.

If you are planning a trip to South Korea, you cannot miss this soup. Its turquoise color (a little shiny we give you) and its slightly “sticky” look will make you want to? To be honest, we choose to eat blue cheese, we prefer ice cream to pasty…

Would you consider using mint chocolate sauce on your fried chicken? Credit: KFC Instagram

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