Lanta Wok has successfully established a franchise

Created in 2018 by Nessim Kouachi, who participated in the Koh-Lanta show, Lanta Wok restaurant, as its name suggests, specializes in street food. As soon as it was established as a franchise, at the end of 2022, it opened 5 new restaurants in the Paris area. Back to the secret to success.


Fast food / Asian street food / Tailor-made wok

Leader n ° 1 of bespoke wok in France

Lanta Wok: amazing and interesting street food

One of the strengths of the Lanta Wok franchise is to offer a variety of wok recipes cooked in one minute with a flame and fresh ingredients, in front of customers, for dishes that are as impressive as they are delicious.

And so that all prospective franchisees can open a Lanta Wok restaurant, regardless of their previous experience, the founder has simplified and streamlined the process.

This is one of the reasons why, just a few weeks after it was launched as a franchise, the Lanta Wok brand has already signed 5 restaurants in Paris.

Lanta Wok: complete accompaniment

  • A network administrator studies the financial situation of each site the information provided by the licensee to determine the potential of the reservoir and define the requirements.
  • Besides before the course opens in order to have all the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a Lanta Wok restaurant as well as recruiting and managing its teams, the brand offers continuing education and e-learning tools continuously evolving.
  • Finally, the network head is always involved in a research and development process to support the evolution of the concept over the years and consumer behavior.

So if you want open an interesting and interesting street restaurant is a young, dynamic and innovative brand, visit the Lanta Wok franchise file for more information.

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