Provins: Before the Niflette festival, this baker offers three original recipes

Corinne Alaga is her brand of niflettes
Corinne Alaga with a variety of niflettes, famous Provins cakes ©CH/RSM77

and November 11, 2022, Provins (Seine-et-Marne) they will celebrate and niflette. This little cake is filled with cream and decorated with orange blossoms and vanilla. all saints daythey were given, according to tradition, to orphans who wept and smelled at their parents’ graves.

As every year, visitors will be able to find many activities in the lower town: the village of la niflette and different walls, discussion, shows, and aboutscreen (boat ride) andrising prices (to climb the old siege tower). All without forgetting the price market, and the great competition for the most beautiful niflette designs for children of 6/12 years.

Brie de Provins, candied flowers or pineapple

About the event, Republic of Seine-et-Marne went to meet Corinne AlagaProvinoise specializes in traditional cakes that she sells in her shop Medium meals (read the box below), to ask him to prepare the niflette recipe. A challenge that the baker did brilliantly!

First I decided to make a sweet niflette, based on béchamel, with Brie de Provins as garnish. It also gives a little pep to the recipe, because Brie de Provins is very mild. A few shavings of Black Brie can be added during or after cooking, it’s up to you and everyone’s taste. This recipe, I thought of it in the same way as one would make a cheese soufflé.

Corinne Alaga, pastry chef and medieval food designer, in Provins

This version is perfect to serve during an aperitif with friends or family, or even as a starter. But the traditional niflette being a dessert, the Provinoise baker also gave us two wonderful recipes for sweet niflettes.

“On the sweet side, I refused the niflette with rose syrup and rose confit. So it is a brand dedicated entirely to the city of Provins and the rose of Damascus. For the last recipe, I chose to offer the most successful niflette with a piece of pineapple fried and caramelized. I hope that they will be translated they will not disappoint the purists of the niflette which, as everyone knows, is decorated with orange flowers”, concludes Corinne Alaga with a smile.

Medieval Gourmets launches a new oven kit

Corinne Alaga’s journey to Provence began a few years ago with the opening of Les Tabliers gourmands, a cooking and pastry project in her lab or at home, with an anti-waste approach. But quickly, the shopkeeper changed the small part to open Gourmandises medievales: a store / tea room where he offered products of his own production, as well as others, from France and the whole world, all related to the medieval period.
“Today, my business is growing. We are five people in the group and soon we will be six from 2023. So I need to buy new equipment to meet the needs well, “explains Corinne Alaga.
If you want to take part in the journey, you can join the newly launched participation pot by exchanging cakes, books or cooking lessons. This will fund the purchase of a new 12-burner oven for the shop, as well as the renovation of the laboratory with new stainless steel chairs and tables. This kit is valid until December 22, 2022.
“This will allow us to benefit more efficiently and in time by having this production tool that corresponds to the quantity we need to bring to France, but also to Germany, Austria, Finland or Belgium”, he concludes.
The entrepreneur has about fifty distributors on a national level, such as castles, abbeys, and Mont-Saint-Michel. To create a branch of this work, great production is necessary: ​​”At first, I did not prepare such things, but I change them as my work grows”.

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