Raw Tomato Sauce: A Provençal Pistou Recipe to Eat with Pasta

Tomatoes in sauce, we can’t get enough of them! This time, we’re sharing with you a recipe for a raw tomato sauce that, in some parts of the south of France, has the beautiful name of pistou. Follow our tips for success like in Marseille.

After tomato sauce in your cans and jars, why not make it do not cook tomato sauce? In some corners of Provence, this method of preparing tomatoes has the delicious name of pistou, which comes from the Latin “pestare” meaning to tread, to grind … in a mortar and pestle if we follow tradition.

Today, mud is being replaced by a mixer, but it still works. Easy to prepare, this tomato pesto they will help you to use it fresh tomato sauce ready to taste. Quick, it’s done in minutes and adds a touch of sunshine to most dishes.

And if you don’t know what kind of tomatoes to choose, go for it long version of Olivettes That Andean answerswhich is very suitable for pulpy and taste. In addition, they have few seeds.

Provençal tomato pesto recipe



  1. Blanch your tomatoes by immersing them in hot water for a few seconds and then in a bowl of ice water. Those seeds then cut the meat into small pieces. If you are in a hurry and your tomatoes are overripe, use them as they are.
  2. In a blender, put your tomato pieces, add garlic and basil. Start your blender to get it Very good tomatoes . Pour into a salad bowl
  3. Add olive oil to your tomato puree. Mix until the oil and tomatoes are one!

How can you use tomato pesto in your dishes?

We may be tempted to tell you that this tomato pesto that’s great on a piece of toast, and a little raw meat. But if you want to combine them in a dish, it’s the pasta that matches the flavor the bestand pesto, add parmesan. Another option is to use your own tomato pesto and fish muscle. Your raw tomato soup will also be delicious your homemade pizza! Get inspired by chef Alexia Duchêne for making your own dough.

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