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Soft drinks and gourmet breaks for children, as well as adults. There is no need to argue, homemade cookies are good for taste, and for healthy meals. Raphaël Haumont helps you prepare low-fat cakes.

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We love low fat cookies!  - Profile of Raphaël Haumont for 09/09
We love low fat cookies! – Part by Raphaël Haumont of 09/09 –
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There is often a lot of sugar, fat, salt, and additives in store-bought foods. Doing it yourself is a great back-to-school option that allows you to continue, share and spend quality time with family or friends.

For purists, it can be very artistic. Crispy outside, soft in the middle, not too controlled… so many parts to master.

At first, you need to mix everything without worrying too much. For the classic recipe, you need butter, sugar, eggs, flour, a little baking powder, then chocolate chips, hazelnuts… whatever you want. This is where you will edit your recipe.

There is a lot of sugar, so the health tip right now, you need to divide the amount of sugar by 2 or 3.
Instead of using unpalatable refined white sugar, the second tip is to use whole or whole sugar such as muscovado or brown sugar. It tastes good and tastes good.

This will give a good color to the dough and the best, woody, spicy flavors. You mix it quickly, then you pour the egg. Then you add the rest of the flour, a pinch of yeast, and chocolate chips.

Good chocolate chips cut into pieces are better than ready-made nuggets, which are more expensive and made with sugar and bad chocolate. The bread should be mixed quickly. You don’t have to have gluten, that is to say that the melting of the dough, otherwise you get something similar to smooth in the mouth.

Make round balls

You need countless “blocks”, to get several sugar crystals, then nuggets… That’s what people like in cakes. Then you have to make balls and put them on a plate.

Bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes in a preheated oven. The balls allow you to have a crispy outside and a soft center. At first, there are only balls, at room temperature, while the oven is hot.

After a few minutes, the butter melts, the dough spreads. The edges start to cook, then the yeast reacts, it breaks a little and turns brown on top. Caramelization and the Maillard reaction (reactions between proteins and sugars) give flavor and color.

For low calorie cookies

You have to take the original ingredients and give the rest. The main problem is butter and sugar. Removing the sugar is easy, although it changes the color and texture a bit. You need to choose a good chocolate that makes you forget this “lack of sugar”. And above all, remove the fat.

There are several options, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. But it’s not surprising, it creates a rubbery texture.
Ricotta or mascarpone can reduce the calories of butter by 2 or 4, and is a good alternative.
You have to change the amount of flour, because there is more water than butter, so it burns the dough.

Apples can also be used as a substitute for butter. FIBER provides body. Using 65 semi-wholemeal flour helps restore a little chewiness, or adding almond flour.

When making compote, you add a lot of water. In this case, make a recipe like applesauce and raisins (without chocolate). It’s a cinnamon-asparagus for example or ginger.

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