Sonia and Cyrielle have made a place for themselves in the sun

For more than 10 years, Sonia Garcia and Cyrielle Cachelin have been producing vegetables and eggs on the slopes of Maynal (Jura). Everything in organic farming is a short circuit. It’s the end of a long-running show that meets real local expectations.

The journey of Theia Gardens began 11 years ago. The work of two young women, Cyrielle and Sonia, who traveled a long time before realizing a project in line with their great interest in preserving the environment.

It was in 2008 that the two friends met. Then he turned to horticulture. With BP in her pocket, Cyrielle tries her hand at the organic garden market, as a simple job, while Sonia, an expert in aromatic and medicinal plants, dreams of creating healing gardens in hospitals.

He then takes up pastoral work, volunteering to work in the orchards. The opportunity to get inspiration from the practices of many fields and improve their work.

In the end, they found their paradise in Maynal, on a 4 hectare land, in 2011. They received them with love. Enough to make yourself at Amap (Association for the maintenance of peasant agriculture) with the help of about thirty pioneer families. The work is modern. A greenhouse, then two… Today three. The meeting of laying hens has started.

A whole lot of vegetables and even… endives

The main problem: water. Sonia and Cyrielle then created a 1,700 m3 water reservoir, “compensating for the increasing drought and the apparent end of the seasons due to climate change”.

The organic amendments come from manure from a neighboring county farm.
4 to 6 months less compost, as described in AB.

Under the greenhouses, all kinds of vegetables. And even big endives in the basement. A rare find in the green areas of the Jura!

Today, Amap brings together 150 families. Volunteers. Almost a family. Others are happy to help the beautiful farmers market and the two market workers during the “big win”. The satisfaction of our thirty strong people, who believe that they can still receive a few Amapiens. The rest is sold at the weekly village market, in Maynal. A natural market that brings together other local farmers. Cheese, honey, bread, mushrooms, flowers, beer and natural hygiene products…

You can find anything there, every Friday. And good humor is served there.

(source: © Gourmet Flavors of the Jura Magazine – 2022 – Photo: ©Genée Jérôme)

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