The fact that this product is sold for €5 in Picard makes people interested in the shops

Soft on the inside, golden and crispy on the outside… Madeleine is one of the most famous cakes of French gastronomy. And it’s not internet users who can say otherwise. Since the beginning of the school year, one of his recipes has made a lot of noise with food, either on TikTok or Twitter. Their new products shoot food »? A large madeleine of frozen Picard butter, sold for €5.85. The special feature of this cake: its XXL size, because it is as long as a cake and has six layers. On social media, the joy is that we no longer read videos showing this great madeleine or describing how it tastes. One of the tutorials, which repeats itself in a caramel-filled version, has been viewed more than a million times. In the shops, things are getting more and more like hotcakes and some Picards are gone.

Picard’s great Madeleine: ” it is also good to come out of the oven »

On Picard’s website, where you can also buy this great madeleine, the reviews are all fantastic. ” Very nice, soft and dry! Fry in the microwave. Great for brunch » ; ” very nice! He’s good right out of the oven » ; ” a giant? Not so much. This Madeleine is so good that we run out of it quickly “, we can read among the comments left under this product. The bad thing, however, according to some Internet users: it can taste like a pound cake than the original product. ” We are close to the cake » ; ” the shape is original and very good, but as for the structure, we are on a pound cake and not a madeleine “, assure some Picard customers.

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Madeleine XXL de Picard: clear, wide and full

As for cooking, three possibilities: oven (15 minutes at 180 ° C), microwave (1 min 30 at 900 Watts) or refrigerator (4 h 30). The final solution that will be received at the time the French must adopt ” the power of self-control “. Finally, when it comes to tasting, some like to just taste it while others put it on or cover it with spread or jam.

Large Madeleine, on sale at Picard, €5.85

giant Madeleine Picard

giant Madeleine Picard

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