the perfect cooking of lamb with salt with chef Sébastien Porquet

The Salt Meadow lamb from the Baie de Somme has a distinctive taste, thanks to farming between the land and the sea. Chef Sébastien Porquet gives you his recipe for the perfect salted lamb.

Salt Meadow lamb from the Bay of Somme, raised between land and sea, is a controlled designation of origin (AOC). The lambs are reared according to pastoral tradition on the grass that is periodically flooded by the sea in the Bay of Somme, “mollières”. This peculiarity gives it a quality taste, tender and good grains of meat. His diet, including glasswort for example, provides his meat with plenty of salt and iodine.

Chef Sébastien Porquet left Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme for Eaucourt, inland, but not far from the sea, and all on the plates of his new restaurant, Saltimbanque. The terroir and the coast have many delicious things that the chef makes tastier. Almost everything they set up is sourced from the region, from the Picardy pie menu to the blacksmith-tested knives. And of course, Picardy is on the plate. The chef is proud to work with over 150 producers of vegetables, meats, seafood and Picard’s wonderful wines. In the kitchen, the chef does what he wants and the menu is always amazing. It varies depending on what’s available, how the group is going and the chef.

In this way, there are all garden plants, glasswort and other halophilic plants from the bay, pig’s ears, pompoms, aster …. low in the field potatoes and salt marsh sheep.

Chef Picard gives you his tips on how to cook salted lamb to perfection.

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Salt meadow lamb is cooked in two parts. We start by heating the meat well on all sides, before putting it in the oven for a few minutes to get a melted texture.

In detail:

1. On the plancha, put the meat.

2. Save meat and sea salt.

3. Sear the meat on all sides.

4. Finish cooking in the oven.

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