These 12 holiday products we spotted at LIDL for your Christmas shopping 🎅

Our store shelves are starting to fill up with chocolates, party favors, logs… Yes, Christmas is coming! To help you with your planning, we invite you to find LIDL’s selection of great holiday meals that are affordable.

🎅 How can it be Christmas without good food? If there is ever a day we want to treat ourselves and our loved ones, this is it. Aperitif, hall, plate, salt… We put the package! Simply, to satisfy all our guests without blowing budget it’s not always easy. Yes, a displayed if Solomonand Foie gras or even lobustara it goes up fast, especially when we have a a big family at our table.

Don’t worry, lidl they think about you and reveal you from the start November 2 on his own placeits Deluxe range of festive products and its chocolates to low prices ! Every week, you will be able to find new arrivals. To help you even more in planning, Marmiton also thinks about you. We have made a decision of 10 things to create a Christmas menu that is good and cheap!

Discover, don’t delay any longer, our favorites! Makes you want to have a great day, doesn’t it? 🎅

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Enjoy Christmas without breaking the bank

Aperitif :

Enjoy Christmas at low prices, it is possible! To get the festivities off to a good start, start with a family appetizer and pastries, wonderful breads, toasts. Find out what we love lidl having a good time.

  • The 20 Comté cheese and Emmental gougères for money price 4.39 euros. This aperitif bread cooks very quickly, in 8 minutes, it’s ready! With this product, you can’t go wrong, everyone loves gougères!
  • The 16 Cocktail blinis about 0.99 cents. You will be able to spread everything you want on it, prepare your piece of salmon or your salty butter.
  • The 46 mini-puff cakes about price 3.69 Euro. This large box is perfect if you have a large family. Several flavors are available for you: salmon, reblochon, sausage-mustard, bacon, sunflowers, they will reduce your taste buds.

The entrance :

After the gourmet aperitif, go for the classics for starters. Choose smoking fish from Scotland from Lidl to price 9.49 euros and 320g. You also have the option of buying dry duck breast at price 3.79 euros which will have its place in a beautiful mixed salad before moving on to the main course.

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Aperitifs from Lild

© Lidl

About the dishes :

Meat is often the centerpiece of our Christmas table surrounded by dauphine potatoes. If you want to change up your dishes this year, you’ve come to the right place! Lidl offers you a mini gratin dauphinois, sold by 4 for the price of 3.39 euros, cha flans with artichokes, porcini mushrooms and chestnuts sold again, and 4 for the price of price 3.39 euros. You can also find aligot and crushed black truffles at the invincible price of price 4.39 euros which goes wonderfully with your meat. If you want to change your habits and play better fish, the brand has a great plan for you! Choose on boiled crabs which is just enough price 9.59 euros at 350g.

Christmas food at Lidl

© Lidl

About salt :

Finish your meal at a sweet note without breaking the bank, find our Lidl selection. Log is often the star of the Christmas menu, but you can better serve several sweets which will also have consequences. Here we are 4 nice pictures about less money !

  • The 12 mini fluffy cold chocolate price 3.49 euros. These classics are always relevant, whether they are young or old.
  • The 12 macaroons about price 3.99 euros. You will get 6 different flavors. Vanilla, coffee, chocolate, pistachio, lemon, raspberry… There is something for everyone!
  • and three mini dark chocolate mousses to the length of price 2.49 euros. This is new this year. Mousses are sold in glass jars for better display.
  • The 40 pink biscuits from Reims for money price 1.99 euros. This special medicine has two uses, you can use it to cook or serve it directly! The pink biscuits are a change from what we are used to tasting.

Food from Lidl

© Lidl

Upcoming festival sales

lidl it is not the end of its wonders! Everything Wednesdaythe brand will reveal new features medicine celebration. Wednesday November 9you will be able to find on the site the game Deluxethey chocolate national parties Favorite also calendars and boxes of Christmas.

In detail, you will have the opportunity to buy your own aperitif a group of foie gras 4.99 euroscake with dried tomatoes and mozzarella or just bacon and olives price 2.79 euros.
At the rate of meatyou will find a roasting birds with morels and Armagnac for up to 4 people price 11.9 euros.
The sea sidetry medicine Unpublished at Lidl, the octopus tentacles of old price 8.39 euros to 250g.
About to saltOpera cakes are sold individually for 6 people per price 4.79 euros and macaroons 2.93 euro box if you take two, will be there again!

You’ll find Lidl’s Christmas spirit every week!

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