This quick and basic potato recipe will change you from your grandmother’s mashed potatoes

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This recipe for mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes is perfect for anyone who loves potatoes and is looking for a delicious, original, easy and quick way to prepare them. Shall we show you how to make them?

This method of cooking potatoes is very old and originates from Portugal. It is called punching potatoes at home. They began to be talked about because of different social networks and are called mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes. The idea is bright: first cooking with water or steam with hops, you crush your potatoes in a pancake, add olive oil and go to the oven. This gives the type of crispy pancakes with a soft surface, effortlessly. What we love about this recipe is serving it with a delicious sauce. We chose chimichurri sauce, a sauce that often accompanies beef in South America.

Note on ingredients

For this recipe to be successful, it is important to choose small or medium potatoes (new potatoes) with firm flesh.


You can play endlessly with our recipe. Boiling can be changed by steaming. Especially with the sauces you will be able to make. The chimichurri sauce can be replaced with chermoula, a simple yogurt sauce with…

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