Too much salt: these good tips to know which dishes and sauces are too salty!

Do you have a heavy hand on the salt shaker? Fear not, there are easy ways to make a very salty dish.

You noticed The best vegetable salad and unfortunately your salt shaker got scared and lost without warning! Or is your garlic pasta too high in sodium chloride because you added too much salt… Fortunately, there are solutions to end it.

Soups, pasta, purees, soups: how to reduce the taste of salt?

Surprisingly, it is the potato that can save your plate. Of course, peeled and cut into slices, it absorbs salt thanks to the starch that it is. And if it’s really salty, don’t hesitate to increase the number of potatoes. When their rings change, it means they have taken in too much salt.

Another option: perform the same rescue operation and slices of bread instead of potato slices.

About pasta or cooking vegetableslike yours cooking water is very salty, it is better to add water… Makes sense! Good to know: lemon juice it can also save you trouble.

If your dish is broken, just add fresh cream…

Finally, if it meat or fish that is involved, you will have no choice but to run them under water… then continue cooking.

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Tomato sauces, b├ęchamel, carbonara: how to soften the taste of dessert?

Making a soup with a lot of salt, the idea will beturning salty and sweet by adding a teaspoon of pacifier, or more if you’re really pushing. This is the best way to get fresh tomatoes. Also a white sauce like b├ęchamel or carbonara.

If it’s an amazing curry sauce, you’re spoiled for choice “nuts” with cream or coconut. You can also reduce the taste of salt and ricotta cheese.

In the wine sauce, we recommend sliding square of chocolate!

Now that you have all the cards in hand, keep them in mind Eating less salt is good for your health!

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