Top 20 Halloween cake ideas seen on Pinterest

Show off your next cake with these spooky Halloween recipes spotted on Pinterest!

Best cake ideas for Pinterest

Choose the original recipes found on Pinterest. You can entertain your children by preparing decorations to celebrate Halloween and bet on scary decorations. Delicious cupcakes can be perfect for happy hour or dessert if you’re planning a sit-down meal. Combine any of your cooking ideas with tempting cocktail recipes. Surrender yourself under the color of Halloween!

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Scary Halloween Cake

Among our spooky Halloween recipes, this orange cake offers a delicate decoration. Credit: blog.birdsparty

Boo! Feed your table some night terrors with some amazing desserts, like this orange, white and black cake. Sugarpaste works wonders in decorating this layer cake. You will need cookie cutters to represent witches and other pumpkins. Get your magic out and get to work! Find the full recipe on the blog.birdsparty blog.

Black Widow tombstone Halloween cake

Make these delicious Halloween cookies, with spiders and giant webs. Credit: Halfbakeharvest

Turn from the evil enchanted spider’s web and prepare a homemade dessert. Make the cakes first, before you start decorating, because the little web spiders must die! Kids will love the idea of ​​making these recipes and melting down the frosting of this dessert. Get the full recipe on the halfbakeharvest blog

Graveyard cake and Halloween decorations

Succumb to these delicious chocolate treats that are like a Halloween graveyard. Credit: amandine cooking

To celebrate monsters, this cake is a must. You will love to reproduce this beautiful cemetery. You can buy a brownie directly to go quickly and cover it with a permanent frosting, made with good homemade cream. Get out your grill and celebrate Halloween with the kids! Get the full recipe on the amandinecooking blog.

Pumpkin chocolate mousse for Halloween

Paint your own little orange pumpkin to celebrate Halloween and take care of the decorations. Word: pearl sugar

Pumpkins always scare young and old alike during Halloween. Fill clementines with chocolate mousse, because it’s amazing and the kids will love it. This idea also works with orange. You’ll need chocolate and eggs for this homemade dessert. Get the full recipe on the perleensucre blog.

Madeleines turned into Halloween spiders

A nasty spider is coming to your Halloween party! Credit: delicious

Make little spiders using madeleines, chocolate shavings and licorice, sure! They certainly make children happy. Gather the flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter and yeast to make your madeleines. Get the full recipe on the gourmet blog.

Scary Pannacotta Tarts for Halloween

This recipe seen on Pinterest will surprise you with its awesome decoration. Credit: poupougnette

Eat these wicked tarts, all melty and gooey! First make chocolate cakes, then panna cotta (with coconut milk so you can flavor it with vanilla for example) and finish by giving shape to the macabre face. Get the full recipe on poupougnette’s blog.

Mummy cookies for Halloween

This little lady is made of vanilla biscuit, homemade cookies. Credit: marineiscooking

Keep preparing Halloween cookies, with unexpected recipe ideas. You have to deal with the cookie dough and start cooking, before you sell the icing like lines and don’t forget the eyes. Get the full recipe on the Marineiscooking blog.

Halloween spider cookies

These spider-themed cupcakes are a must-have for a Halloween party. Credit: amandine cooking

Bring back the recipe and plant chocolate balls like Maltesers, then paint the legs with cocoa flavor. Remove the flour, sugar and yeast, necessary for these cakes. Get the full recipe on the amandinecooking blog.

Oreo cupcakes are magical Halloween hats

These Oreo cupcakes are decorated with homemade ganache. Words: simplyhappyfoodie

Witches arrive at the Halloween party with crispy cooking ideas. Cover your chocolate chip cookies with ganache and decorate them with Oreos in crazy colors. The hat sits high to catch the eye. Get the full recipe on the simplyhappyfoodie blog.

Halloween Brain Cake

On Halloween, we can’t do without this red brain trick. Credit: blog.cerfdeliier

This is undoubtedly the scariest and truest of all Halloween cookies. It is prepared from a cake, covered with chocolate ganache and all covered with pink sugar paste for a perfect effect. Change your kitchen! Find the full recipe at blog.cerfdellier.

Halloween spider covered cupcake

These little monsters are popular at Halloween parties and will treat you like cake. Credit: cupcakeproject

If you’re a cake lover, it’s time to turn them into night terrors. First make soft cakes and bake them, then cover them with sweet ganache cream and butter. Using candy, make a spider. Get the recipe on the cupcakeproject blog.

Halloween hazelnut coconut eyes

Open your eyes wide and open your mouth to see these wonderful attractions. Credit: kitchen-habit.

Change Rafaello into bloodshot eyes to scare your guests. These coconut balls have food colors, thanks to the trompe-oeil. This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes to replicate in your kitchen, it’s up to you! Get the full recipe on the foodie blog.

Vampire bite for Halloween

Mix fun and horror with these spooky cookies. Credit: c-monetiquette

A little idea of ​​these cakes straight to hell! Start by preparing each chocolate biscuit and start baking. Then take care of the decorations to surprise your entire table. For dessert or a vampiric dessert, you’ll get these cookies! Find the full process on the c-monetiquette blog.

Halloween bat cookies

Baking cupcakes and Oreo cookies! Credit: giallozafferano

Bats appear when midnight demons dance. The preparation of these chocolate cakes is easy to do. Start by making muffins baked in a baking mold, then top with chocolate ganache and finally, plant an Oreo cookie to make ears. Sugar eyes are the finishing touch! Find the full recipe on the giallozafferano blog.

Horror Shortbread Cookies for Halloween

Get crafty with these short shell cookies. Credit: patedevelopers

Trick or treat…or Halloween cake! Draw a face on these short recipes and follow the recipe to make cookie dough (lemon, vanilla, plain…). Use melted chocolate as icing, to achieve your special Halloween faces. Egg, butter, flour, vanilla and sugar should be mixed together. You can also use a pastry cutter for more information. Find the full recipe on the patedevelopers blog.

Crispy Halloween Muffins

Don’t resist these bloody, sharp-edged Halloween muffins. Credit: thirdstoptheright

Let the blood drip on these fun muffins that are perfect for Halloween. This reimagined bread has a red muffin as a base, made with food coloring. A sweet, white ganache is decorated with pieces of gelatin glass. Your friends will ask you the details of the preparation! Find the full method on the third blog.

Pumpkin Halloween cake

Impress all your friends with this spooky black and white Halloween cake. Credit: bakingamoment

Witches, pumpkins and ghosts on the same cake! Treat yourself to these amazing and colorful cupcakes, which will whet the appetite of all your greedy vampires. The pumpkin cake has several layers of vanilla cream and chocolate drizzle, under a layer of sugar paste. The pumpkin was used to emphasize the festive aspect. It’s impossible to resist this chewy masterpiece! Get the full recipe on the bakingmoment blog.

Bloody Halloween cake

This cake recipe is the perfect Halloween dessert recipe. Credit: aglowlifestyle

For Halloween dessert ideas, go to the bloody mix. Announce the color with a chocolate fondant recipe, covered with red berries or food coloring to make it scary. This layered cake will surprise the palate and make the party go crazy with its level of chocolate. Kids will want more! Find the full recipe on the aglowlifestyle blog.

Halloween Ghost Cake

Among our recipe ideas, this ghost cake will be a hit at your Halloween party. Credit: kanelylimon

Let your imagination come alive with this black and white cake topper. Look at baking a sponge cake in the oven and build the layers, thanks to the cocoa ganache, between each layer to make a layered cake. Small candy eyes do the trick, while ghost-colored marshmallows top it all off. Get the full recipe on the kanelylimon blog.

Halloween monster cake

Let the cooking magic happen with this amazing cake recipe on Halloween night! Credit: amusebouche

Which cookies will please your monster? This recipe imitates a furry beast, covered in a mixed paste. As a bonus, delicious sweets await you from the first bite! Bloody eyes confirm all the dangers of this universe. Get the full recipe on the amusebouche blog.

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