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Don’t you hate it when you can’t make something as simple as tomato sauce? There’s no shame in it, even the best of us can make it too creamy, too runny, or… too hot! But we are here to help! Our team of home cooks have tried and tested almost every tomato sauce recipe under the big blue sky! And we are proud to announce that… drum roll… we have a winner! Keep scrolling to see video tutorials, what to make with sauces, and the benefits of tomato sauce! Hop!

Homemade tomato sauce recipe

Homemade tomato sauce recipe for any meal

At the DeaVita office, we are obsessed with tomatoes. We have our cultures! We recently shared our favorite pasta recipes and I was thinking about my favorite: bolognese sauce! Then the conversation moved on to lasagna, chicken basquaise, tomato soup, chili and more… We have two delicious and mouth-watering recipes that your family will love! Put on your apron and start cooking! The first one is a great homemade Italian tomato sauce, and the second one… The best bolognese!

Our little tomato plant for the office:

cherry tomatoes for sauce

The best way to make tomato sauce

Vincenzo shows us the recipe for an Italian tomato sauce, simple, but very tasty! (If you have trouble understanding English, just play with the settings and switch to French). It’s easy to follow and contains all natural ingredients, making it a healthy and delicious soup that can be used with just about anything! Here are the best homemade tomato sauce recipes:


It tastes so good and fresh, we can’t get enough of it! How about making an easy homemade lasagna with this delicious mix?

Tomato sauce is very versatile and gives a sour and slightly sweet flavor to any dish. Besides, what are the best uses for tomato sauce in the kitchen? Here is a list for your inspiration:

  • egg for breakfast
  • Different types of fish
  • Tomato soup
  • Beans
  • curry sauce
  • Mussels and clams
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • homemade pizza
  • lasagna
  • Tomato focaccia
  • Chicken with Puttanesca Sauce
  • Wake up
  • Basque chicken
  • Zucchini recipes
  • What in the oven
  • Spaghetti and vodka sauce (Gigi Hadid’s pasta)
  • Red pesto
  • And the final Bolognese sauce that will make your mouth forget to eat anything else for the rest of your life! No, we are not exaggerating! Here’s a lesson:


It is easy to follow and the taste is amazing! Adam Ragusea found the perfect recipe and shared it (thank goodness!) with the world to see and taste! We encourage you to try this bolognese sauce recipe. Yes, the ingredients are many and the preparation time is long, but it is definitely worth it! We can’t recommend him enough…

The benefits of tomato sauce

the quality of tomatoes

If you’ve ever wondered if you could start growing your own tomatoes at home, we encourage you to do so! The benefits of tomatoes are endless and you NEED to eat this fruit/vegetable every day! Here are some benefits of including homemade tomato sauce recipe in your daily diet:

  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents heart disease.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber, vitamins A and K, and folic acid.
  • If you have acne problems, increasing your intake of tomatoes (in any form) will help you a lot.
  • It improves the health of the stomach and lowers cholesterol.
  • It improves gut health, which means it increases the good bacteria in your gut.

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