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Chef Julien Sebbag makes no secret: ” I never went to culinary school”. She also mentioned her cookbook Self-Education », I just showed up in Flamarion. When others reveal the CV they published Ferrandi, a cooking school in Paris that many chefs have gone through, the thirty-year-old likes to say an amazing journey. After going to study business in London, he discovered the great diversity of the culinary scene there especially Ottolenghi, an Israeli chef who is delighting a new generation of foodistas by cooking vegetables like no one else, in a way that is at the same time raw, gourmet and minimal. After two years at Miznon in Tel Aviv, he started his restaurant business “Je cuisine chez Oït”. Through the magic of social media, demand is exploding. The group of festive restaurants “Moma Gulu” saw him and offered to establish a gastronomic concept. It will be “Chez Oïm”, a permanent table inside Pigalle’s fictional club, Bus Palladium. Then “Créatures” in 2019, on the roof of the Galeries Lafayette completely vegan. And finally “Tortuga” the following year, a fish restaurant. The epidemic that is affecting the restaurant industry will not stop. They create “Micho” (located on rue de la Michodière), a street restaurant, in the empty kitchens of La Fontaine Gaillon. For food, a variety of delicious sandwiches made with super soft halla bread (woven Shabbat bread) from the Babka Zana bakery. In 2021, the prison was removed, he opened “Forest”, a restaurant with large tables and beautiful dishes, in the tower of the Museum of Modern Art. Finally, we have just learned about the opening of November 22, still with the Moma Group, of the new “Micho”, rue de Richelieu in Paris, the offshoot of his concept of sandwiches that go far, available this time in restaurants.

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Julien Sebbag (Carl Diner)
Julien Sebbag (Carl Diner) (CARL DINER)

Recipe: Brussels sprouts, clementines, fresh goat cheese, mustard, honey and walnut vinaigrette

My mom, like most people, hates Brussels sprouts. He forced me to love him. Today he claims them. I was just trying to figure out why everyone has a hard time with vegetables and that’s the pain they’re talking about. This is why I added honey for sweetness and clementines for acid kick. My cooking is based on scale “.

Season: December to March


for 2 people

100 g Brussels sprouts 15 g butter

5 g olive oil

2 clementines

15 g walnut eyes 60 g Sumac fresh goat cheese

For the vinaigrette

1 C. c. Honey

1 C. to s. mustard

1 shot sherry vinegar 10 g neutral oil

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The vinaigrette

1) Mix honey and mustard together. Add vinegar and whisk everything with an oil like mayonnaise. Adjust the seasoning.

Brussels sprouts

2) Cook whole Brussels sprouts for 6 minutes in steam or boiling water to soften. Take them out and put them in ice water to stop cooking.

3) Cut them into 4 lengths, then fry with peanut oil. Brown Brussels sprouts for a few minutes.

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4) Peel the clementines into slices.

5) When the Brussels sprouts start to become translucent (about 8 minutes), add the butter, clementines and crushed nuts.

Fry all together for five minutes, then remove to a plate with a bed of vinaigrette.

6) Add the rounded ends of the goat cheese and the freshness with a sprinkling of sumac. The temperature contrast is interesting: the freshness of goat cheese and the temperature of Brussels sprouts.

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