What homemade sauces can you use instead of mustard to accompany your cold meats?

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Due to the lack of mustard for several months, we have to find some ideas for recipes to go with our cold meats this summer. Here are 8 easy homemade sauce recipes to make at home to replace mustard. You will be able to change the fun!

With barbecues, a regular family meal with roast bacon, beef and chicken to share, we sometimes have leftovers to eat the next day. And those who say cold meat, say soup and often, it is to mustard that our choice goes.

However, for several months, it has been missing from the shelves of our supermarkets, but no warning, it is there some gourmet cooking ideas they are perfect for dressing up your cold meats this summer! Among the homemade sauces, we find ketchup, mayonnaise, or less like curry, Andalusian or yogurt sauce. We have made a decision of 8 easy recipes to make yourself.👨‍🍳

curry sauce

A simple shallot sauce

Easy béarnaise sauce

Andalusian soup

Homemade mayonnaise


Yogurt soup

Gribiche sauce

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